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Annual Symposia

Western State Law Review’s Symposium will be held on April 6, 2024. The symposium will be held at the Norma Hertzog Community Center (1845 Park Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92627) from 9 AM to 4 PM. This year’s topic is on Closing the Justice Gap: Whether the use of nonlawyer paraprofessionals, artificial intelligence and other legal technologies can provide access to justice and legal services.

This symposium will provide a comprehensive exploration of the challenges and solutions related to closing the justice gap, facilitating insightful discussions and potential avenues for action. This symposium topic will explore legal technology, including artificial intelligence, and nonlawyer paraprofessionals as related to providing legal services, while also examining the ethical, legal, and practical issues that come with integrating AI and/or paraprofessionals into the legal sphere.


  • Ruben Duran (Managing Partner at Best Best & Krieger LLP, former Chair of the State Bar of California Board of Trustees, 2021-2023, Attorney Member, State Bar of California Board of Trustees, 2018-2026)
  • Sabrina Narain (Partner at LTL Attorneys LLP, Board Member of Association of Southern California Defense Counsel)
  • Michael McDonald (Partner at Litchfield Law PC)
  • Renato Izquieta (Orange County Superior Court-Self-Help Services Manager, Adjunct Professor at Western State College of Law)
  • Sabrina Rivera (Assistant Clinical Professor Law and Director, Immigration Deportation Defens Clinic at Western State College of Law)
  • Toby Rothschild (Member at California Lawyers Association Ethics Committee)
  • Russell Babcock (Founder of Law Office of Russell S. Babcock)
  • Mitch Jackson (CEO of Jackson & Wilson, Inc., Founding Partner of Maneuver Mediation)
  • Gregory Rizio (Founder of Rizio Lipinsky Law Firm, Executive Counsel Member of American Board of Trial Advocates, Executive Board Member of Consumer Attorneys of California, former President Consumer Attorneys of the Inland Empire)
  • Mitch Jackson (CEO of Jackson & Wilson Inc., Founding Partner of Maneuver Mediation)
  • Alan Carlson (Trial Court Consultant, former Court Executive Officer of Orange County Superior Court)
  • Eunice Park (Associate Professor, Western State College of Law)


  • Tania Shah (Professor, Western State College of Law)
  • Stephen Hendricks (Professor, Western State College of Law)


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