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Annual Symposia

Volume 51 Symposium – April 2024

Western State Law Review will be hosting our annual symposium on April 6, 2024 from 9 AM to 4 PM at the Norma Hertzog Community Center. This year’s topic is on Closing the Justice Gap: How the use of non-lawyers, pro bono services, artificial intelligence, and other legal technologies can help provide civil legal services. This symposium topic will explore the transformative potential of AI technology and nonlawyer paraprofessionals in enhancing access to justice, while also examining the ethical, legal, and practical considerations that come with integrating AI and/or paraprofessionals into the legal sphere. Participants can discuss and debate the benefits and challenges associated with AI applications, seeking ways to ensure that technology serves the goal of making justice more accessible to all. This symposium will provide a comprehensive exploration of the challenges and solutions related to closing the justice gap, facilitating insightful discussions and potential avenues for action.

Volume 50 Symposium – April 2023

Western State Law Review Members with Symposium Panelists

Western State Law Review hosted its annual symposium _____________.

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